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Screen Filters

Our plastic screen filters for transmissions ensure that your transmission will be protected from harmful transmission damaging contaminants.


Sun Industries fasteners used for a wide range of applications are made to last and guarantee that your parts will stay firmly in place.

Filter Bags

Our high-quality filter bags for engine oil and transmission fluid safeguard your equipment from dust, dirt, and other contaminants which can lead to costly repairs.


Our synthetic plastic filter parts ensure the safety and efficiency of your equipment by maintaining a clean system free of debris and other harmful particles.

Snap Hooks

The strength of Sun Industries high-quality snap hooks means that your items will stay securely in place no matter where your travel takes you.


Our buckles, flaps, gear shifters, lock nuts, and wiper blades are all produced efficiently without sacrificing the quality and safety of your equipment.


Prominent automotive and industrial manufacturers rely on our plastic production for durability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability without sacrificing the safety of their customers and employees.

Our four-step plastic production ensures that your plastics are monitored for perfection at every stage to guarantee that your parts are capable of handling extreme conditions and uses.

Government agencies and contract manufacturers trust our plastics designed with safety, precision, function, and cost in mind to protect their investment without sacrificing quality.

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Plastics Manufacturing

Sun Industries starts out by applying your concept ideas to 2D or 3D designs to serve as a blueprint for your application to apply to our multi-step manufacturing process. To meet your specific requirements, we offer a variety of injection molding production types: single cavity, multi cavity, hot runner, and cold runner.

As part of our quality control process in tooling development, we offer specialized testing procedures to ensure the quality of your plastic components and guarantee ease of repeat production by utilizing our Sun Industries Maintenance Program to store your tooling privately and safely.

We also provide a wide range of assembly capabilities including hot stamping, pad printing, spin welding, ultra sonic welding, tapping, off-set printing, and overmolding to guarantee that your plastic components are completed to your exacting specifications.

We manufacture the highest quality plastic components in a time-sensitive manner. Our metal to plastics conversions and alternate plastics conversions ensures that our plastic components will perform and exceed the standards for your equipment.

Single Cavity

Single Cavity Molding involves a single-impression mold which produces only one plastic component at a time in a single cycle.


Multi Cavity Molding involves a multiple-impression mold of a single item which produces multiple parts in a single cycle.

Hot Runner

Hot Runner Molding involves molten plastic being injected into the cavities of the mold. It is necessary to maintain the uniform heating of the plastic while the rest of the mold cools to solidify the component quickly.

Cold Runner

Cold Runner Molding involves a formed channel between the two halves of the mold, which delivers the plastic material from the injection molding machine to the cavities. The cavity is electrically heated and insulated from the cold chamber, which is cooled instead of heated. When the process is complete, the mold opens and ejects the new plastic parts and the material left in the runner.

We see every detail of your application to completion with our wide range of assembly capabilities including hot stamping, pad printing, spin welding, ultra sonic welding, tapping, off-set printing, and overmolding.

Controlling the plastics manufacturing process from beginning to end ensures that your parts will arrive to you with every detail completed to perfection, from size and fit to labeling and all customizations in between. When you receive your filter parts, you can rest assured that they will meet and exceed the level of quality that your customers have come to expect of your company down to the finest detail.

Quick Stats

Manufacturing Country:

South Korea


20 million+ pieces per year


Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Consumer

Runner techniques used:

Cold and hot