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The capability of our oil filters to remove contaminants from the oil of your equipment and vehicles consistently exceed OE requirements for fit, function, and replacement value.


By using our air filters, you’re vehicles and equipment are efficiently protected from dust, pollen, and other damage causing contaminants in the air


Our carbon enhanced cabin air filters with multi-stage filtration media trap and remove all pollen, dust particles, harmful gases, bacteria, and unpleasant odors from the interior of your vehicles.


The exceptional quality of our fuel filters guarantees the protection of your fuel pump and fuel injectors by protecting your fuel from dirt, rust, and other contaminants.


Our hydraulic filters provide excellent protection against contamination to your hydraulic system while ensuring high performance in a variety of applications.


Sun Industries high-quality transmission filters effectively protect your transmission fluid from damaging particles that could otherwise lead to costly transmission repairs.


Our filtration for the agriculture industry is designed and tested to provide greater capacity, compression, and efficiency ensuring your equipment will run long after the job is done.

Our automotive filters for day-to-day driving and high-mileage vehicles will protect your investment from impurities which can compromise the efficiency and life of your vehicle.

Our highly efficient and full capacity heavy-duty filtration ensures that your machine will last longer and lessen the cost of future maintenance by protecting your machine from harsh weather, dust, and dirt.

Our marine filters ability to safeguard against water, salt, and other ocean particles will ensure that your vessel’s engine will withstand the harshest of water elements.

Our transportation filtration meets the efficiency and productivity requirements of your industry by protecting your vehicle from debris and other particles longer with less interruption.

Our small engine filters will preserve your machine from engine-destroying particles such as dust, rocks, and debris while allowing your engine to get what it needs ensuring less down time for maintenance.

Product Spotlight

March Product Spotlight: Forklift Air Filter

At Sun Industries, we offer filters for many different applications. This month we are featuring a forklift air filter that fits Toyota, Clark, Case, Caterpillar, and John Deere forklifts.


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What makes a Sun Industries filter different?

With a Sun Industries filter, you are guaranteed a product that meets and exceeds OE standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure engines do not suffer from:

  • Incorrect oil pressure
  • Restricted air flow
  • Other factors that can shorten your equipment’s service life

Going with a high-quality filter makes it possible to prevent problems before they happen. With poor quality filters, air and oil will travel through the engine less effectively. Poor manufacturing means these fluids can seep through, becoming contaminated. Improper filtration will result in accelerated wear on the engine.

Precision Manufacturing

Even pleats
Clean spot welds
Smooth gaskets and seals

Quality Material

Inferior media from other manufacturers can be torn, frayed, or unevenly spaced.

Filter Differences

After a short interval, filter media produced by other manufacturers begins to deteriorate causing elements to be poorly fitted or seep through.

Quick Stats

Manufacturing Country:

South Korea


1000+ filter parts

Filter type focus:

Oil, Air, Cabin and Fuel

New filter categories:

Transmission filters