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We support developments with projects ranging from creation of wiring and electronic components for integrated circuit boards to development of traffic data management systems. We also fulfill aerospace applications, overseeing projects for air flight control and flight monitoring systems.

We oversee the design and manufacturing of electronic parts for railways, trains, subways, and vehicles. Our work spans from connectivity parts, emergency signals, lights, and sirens to cables and cabling systems while ensuring customization for each application will satisfy the demands of mission critical systems.

We supply shipbuilding contract manufacturers with maintenance hardware and custom cabling for all ocean vessels while working closely with our clients to create cost-effective, customized solutions that suit their specific environment and climate conditions.

We satisfy telecommunication demands in all spheres of technology within the government and commercial sectors. Our developments span from GPS radar, radio, and speaker systems to smart phones and tablets. We cater to international wiring schematics and voltage disparities.

We provide services including the production of SATA drives, card readers, biometric methods, power supplies and contribute to the creation of new security technology by fabricating hard standards compliant drives. Our security knowledge includes advising government data protection developments including double and triple security measures for hard drives and readers.

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