At Sun Industries, we serve customers in over 50 countries worldwide. As an industry that branches out to serve the global market, we are faced with many pressing demands to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. In our increasingly connected world, we have more tools, from online software to mobile devices, to operate with customers globally. Yet over 30 years of experience has taught us that to succeed globally and develop trusted partnerships, it takes more than just tools. To maintain our company’s high standards and goals we dedicate our utmost efforts into:

  • Responsiveness and communication with our customers
  • Providing adequate knowledge and support from start to finish
  • Quality and value of our products

Responsiveness and communication
It’s important in today’s fast paced global market to treat each customer as an extension of our company. To ensure we can respond to our clients’ needs, we focus on open lines of communication. We are strategically located to deliver the service you need across the globe and have built a team capable of addressing and empathizing with customer requirements ranging from market-specific needs to shipping inquires.

Knowledge and support
As a global manufacturer, we continuously improve our methods and products by regular investment into our knowledge base. We are available to answer our client’s range of questions – from technical to design – about our products to help them get the right parts that fit the needs of their business. Each order is important, so we ensure our customers receive timely updates throughout the process so each order is fulfilled with precision and efficiency.

Quality and value
All of our parts are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed OEM quality but do not believe quality stops at the part. We believe the entire purchasing process should be designed to make you, the customer, confident and at ease that you are working with the right partner to help you excel in your marketplace. This is why we look at all elements from pricing to lead times, from administration to simply having easy access to someone to answer your questions to ensure that value you receive does not stop at the high quality part we manufacture.

Our experience as a global manufacture has shown us that every order is a building block to enhance our customers’ values and support long-standing partnerships. Contact us today to learn more about our experience.